Friday, October 18, 2013

LADY ANDAL presents THE BATTLE-ON 2013...

The Battle-On 2013

Once again, Lady Andal School presents its most prestigious event, "The Battle-On 2013". It is a two day debating event organized by the students of Lady Andal School to be held on the 31st Oct and the 1st Nov 2013. So, let the battle of words begin! 

Registration :

The registrations are open now
Download The Battle-On 2013 Registration Form Click here 
The last date to submit the form is 20th October 2013. Please download the form, fill it up, get the principal's signature and either scan and email it to
or courier the form to : 
         Lady Andal School,
         No.7 Harrington Road,
         Chennai, 600031. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Amendment to the 1st ISDS Open dates

Dear All

Due to logistic reasons, the two full day tournament is now staggered to 3 days - 18th Afternoon, 19th Full day and 20th Forenoon.

23 teams in the fray. A swing team would be run to even the field out.

Until Later...

1st ISDS Invitational Open

Event - 1st ISDS Invitational Open
Venue - Arsha Vidya Mandir, Chennai
Date - Oct 18-19, 2013

Two days - 24 schools - 4 Preliminary rounds (2 Prepared, 2 Impromptu) - Qtrs, Semi & Grand Final.

This year ISDS takes a new look. Unlike our usual year-long 11 leg league system, we do four stand-alone championships that could facilitate non-Chennai teams familiar with the world schools format to participate. The 1st Open, slated at the above details, is limited invitation, as a pilot. Upon its success, we would open up the anyone and everyone willing to participate in.

This year on, ISDS also welcomes independent judges to adjudicate at our Opens. Do write to us if your school wishes to participate in the next three Opens slated for November end, end Jan-early Feb 2014 and end April 2014... or if you wish to nominate yourselves for adjudication. The email:

Participant schools or Swing Teams requisite: You should be conversant with the World Schools format (three speakers, four speeches, three substantives, one reply - 8-8-8-4 format with PoIs). Swings teams can represent a City or a league of schools or can give inde names so long as you are a registered and bona-fide school student above 14 years and below 18 years, studying in a school in India.

Adj nominees: You should be conversant and have adjudicated in World schools format, Asian Parliamentary, Australs format.

The Motions for Prepared Preliminaries:
1) This House would expand research into Human Cloning
2) This House would not teach creationism in public schools

Motion for Finals: THW reserve a third of seats on company boards for women.

Any local adj nominees interested in filing candidature, email quickly at the above address. We have Adj Screening happening on 16 Oct (Wednesday) at Ramco, Chennai. We'll mail you requisite documents.

Cheers,  See you whoever you are on the tournament dates at Arsha.

Sunday, July 7, 2013


Schools willing to join ISDS to get the benefit of this great debating experience for your school and students, do email at

Also, spread the word among independent students in other cities interested  in World Schools Format of debating as well as setting up a local / regional set up to initiate regular debating in the Worlds Format so that one may have had sufficient exposure to the format in order to give the Team India Try-outs for WSDC 2014 @ Bangkok in August 2014 a proper shot...

Time WSDC Format Schools debating spanned pan-Indian flavour!

Monday, February 4, 2013


WSDC 2013 – Semifinal [RESULTS] Grand Final Draw

SF: THBT the government should pay house wives and house husbands for their work
SF1: Ireland (9)(P) v. Australia (5)(O) == 7-0
SF2: Swaziland (2)(P) v. Singapore (3)(O) == 4-3
GF: Australia v. Swaziland
Whoa! What a run it has been for Swaziland! They made their debut at Cape Town worlds, won 4 debates and 12 ballots. With a little luck and 2 more or 3 ballots they would nearly have Broke last year, I hear. This year, they surely more than broke.... and broke many teams - Greece... Mexico... now Singapore in the Semi Finals.
And be sure, there would be a lot of support... for... EVERYBODY LOVES UNDERDOGS!
May the best team win!